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Embedded System Design

Embedded System Design

In safety-critical industries, ensuring the highest level of quality and safety is paramount, and meeting stringent requirements while competing in today’s markets is challenging. At Zero-Axis, our product development team provides top-notch engineering services to develop safety-critical embedded systems tailored to your specific needs. Our comprehensive embedded systems design adheres to the industry’s toughest standards and global quality norms. With our expertise in safety-critical industries, we offer our clients a valuable head start in their projects, designing reliable embedded systems, hardware, and firmware that can operate across various OS and RTOS environments.
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Expertise in Embedded Firmware Development

Our highly skilled team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in embedded firmware development. We excel in working with various OS and RTOS platforms, providing simplified solutions to tackle even the most intricate industrial challenges for our clients. From the conceptualization to the final release, we meticulously guide the firmware development process, ensuring a seamless and successful outcome.

Comprehensive Firmware Development Solutions

Zero-Axis offers multi-disciplinary firmware development services to enhance overall system performance and quality. With standardized work processes, we deliver robust and complex solutions that meet the demands of smart technologies and intelligent devices in today’s IoT era.

BSP and Firmware Development

  • Boot Loader Porting and Hardening
  • OS/RTOS Porting
  • Minimum Kernel/ OSAL Support
  • Device Driver Development
  • Power and Memory Footprint Optimizations
  • Boot-Time Reduction
  • File System Integration
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • FPGA/CPLD Based Digital Logic Designs and IP Cores
  • Firmware Development for Wireless Products
Zero Axis: Best IT Services Provider

Integrated Solutions

Safety-critical Systems

Safety-Critical Embedded Systems

Safety-critical Firmware</>

Safety-Critical Firmware Development

Safety-critical Hardware

Safety-Critical Hardware Design

Embedded Linux Development

Linux Embedded Solutions

Embedded OS Based Development

Embedded Operating System Solutions

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